Welcome to the U-Healthcare Lab, a part of the IT Fusion Technology Department - College of Electronics and Information Engineering at the Chosun University.

Nowadays, the trends are clear - computing devices are becoming smaller in size and greater in number. In addition to handheld products like phones and PDAs, devices are increasingly deployed in our environment, homes, cars, clothes and even bodies. They interact with each other through a variety of communications technologies, as well as being interconnected to the global communications and information infrastructure of the Internet.

Recent technological advances in wireless networking, microelectronics integration and miniaturization, sensors, and the Internet allow us to fundamentally modernize and change the way health care services are deployed and delivered. Focus on prevention and early detection of disease or optimal maintenance of chronic conditions promise to augment existing health care systems that are mostly structured and optimized for reacting to crisis and managing illness rather than wellness. Designing and building these future ubiquitous healthcare systems is not a solved problem and it demands a broad set of multidisciplinary skills. How do we understand and engineer the behavior of these new systems?

U-Healthcare Lab (UHL) tackles these crucial challenges by drawing multidisciplinary expertise from across other research fields, ranging from energy expenditure, human body communications, sensors, and electronic systems design to computer science theory and practice. Additionally, UHL brings the systems perspective at all physical scales - from Systems on Chip and biological and nature-inspired systems through to building the next generation U-Healthcare system.